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4XDev Software Development Company

4xdev Inc. offers forex traders around the world the opportunity to have their specific forex strategy coded into a fully or semi-automated trading robot EA or trading assistant tool / indicator. Brainyforex in this interview asks 4xdev Inc. for a little more information about them and the work they do.

1.    Can you please tell me a bit about the background of your software company? Which country is head office located? How many programmers are currently working with the company and any plans for the future?

4xdev Inc. started in 2015 with a team of programmers, QA engineers and ML developers. The head office of the company is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Now we have 4 programmers in our team and in the future, besides working with Forex tools, we plan to take on projects from other domains.

2.    What type of work do most clients request from your company? Is there a typical job / forex tool or indicator that most traders are asking for?

Most often, it is the development of custom trend indicators or EAs for MetaTrader 4 or conversion of indicators and expert advisors for the Forex Tester backtesting software.

3.     Does your company build professional expert advisors that clients turn around and sell on the open market? ie Those protected from copy and that are security locked with subscription code and password?

Yes, we develop tools that the client can use personally and for sale. As for protection, it depends on the platform for which the tool is being created. Some platforms already have their own security methods, but if you need a more complex and reliable one, then we can offer various security options.

4.    Can you explain a little more about what is involved in converting an EA or Indicator or Forex Tool into another platform format? ie Is it easy or difficult thing to do? cheap or costly?

We usually have to rewrite the whole tool from scratch while maintaining the logic of the tool, and this can hardly be called conversion in fact. It all depends on the platform you want your tool to be converted for, and on the source platform format. The most important thing here is the similarity of the two platforms, as well as the logic and processing of the API. The more similar the platforms, the less time it will take to develop the tool and the cheaper it will cost.
In some cases, we convert tools from MT4 to FT4 for free using a converter

5.     How many different trading platforms do you cater for? Can you please list them.

We have good experience working with tools for MetaTrader 4/5, Forex Tester 3/4, NinjaTrader 8, TradingView and cTrader.

6.    Can you also please explain further how your company carries out its optimization work? You say you "test and improve tools to maximize their effectiveness". What process do you use to achieve this?

Imagine having a strategy with multiple parameters. All the parameters have to be checked for the strategy to work out. And it is likely that each parameter has some range. Say, TakeProfit is from 0 to 500, step 25 — it will take 20 combinations. Multiplying all the combinations for each parameter, we get thousands of them. Imagine what time it will cost for the strategy to get through all of it… a month or so. We are developing a powerful tool that will take far less time and will get the best options to make a profit. In the given case it will take as much as 3 hours, and a user doesn’t even have to sit through all this action. They can go have some coffee or play the guitar instead and return just to see the results.

7.     What are your company strengths that you believe make your company a better choice to work with than that of your competition?

We have several strengths which are worth mentioning:

  • Fast request completion (up to 3 days on average, but sometimes up to 5 days, depending on the complexity of the job), 
  • reasonable price
  • ongoing support 
  • free bug fixes until all the original requirements in the client’s specification are fulfilled, 
  • utmost privacy of information related to users and their orders, 
  • variety of payment methods to choose from.

Thanks very much for sharing in the interview and hope that our readers will benefit from the information.

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