Interviews with Traders, Trading Firms & Vendors

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Click on the links below to the read interviews. How they got started trading, a bit about their trading methodologies and much more.

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Brian keeps doubling his real money gold trading account. Interview here.

Brian from Transparent Forex interview here. How he traded 3,000.00 into over $3,500,000.00.

4xdev Inc. forex coding company interview here.  Company background information.

ForexRealProfitEA creators interview here. Insights into ForexRealProfitEA Robot.

Evan Goldstein creator of Inertia Trader EA interview here. Insights into Inertia Trader EA Robot.

MathfxPro EA creators interview here. Insights into MathfxPro EA Robot.

Jared Rybeck creator of KeltnerPRO EA interview here. Insights into KeltnerPRO EA Robot.

Founders of Algofxsolution interview here. Insights into company background.

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