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Why Citi Bank, JP Morgan and Golman replaced human traders with computers Not rated yet
Did you know that major currency trading firms like CitiBank, Bank of America, Goldman, JP Morgan and many more over recent years have replaced nearly …

Bit off too much chew like hell Not rated yet
TulipFX is proud of our baby, the KangarooEA. It is one of the first EAs we developed a while ago now and we have had it chipping away at the markets making …

Forex Trading Was Like Chasing The End Of The Rainbow Not rated yet
Traders have probably been chasing the automated income lifestyle for the last 12 years or so … in vain. So, why haven’t they succeeded? Well, it’s …

Artificial neural networks automated fx bots Not rated yet
What Is A Neural Network? An Artificial Neural Network is an information processing methodology that’s modeled on the way in which biological nervous …

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