Forex Trading Was Like Chasing The End Of The Rainbow

by LeoTrader Pro Team

Traders have probably been chasing the automated
income lifestyle for the last 12 years or so … in vain.

So, why haven’t they succeeded?
Well, it’s due to a number of factors…

At first, most of them thought that they could get rich over night with just a few minutes of work per day (there was no such thing as REAL automation back then)… There was only manual trading which involved using a whole bunch of indicators on different currency charts …
and having to WAIT patiently for a trade setup.
The only thing those traders managed to achieve was a severe case of eyestrain!

You see, it’s just not possible to KNOW when that setup is going to come, so you end up being a desk jockey and a slave to the screen. They would sit there for hours on end waiting for something to happen… often going days with no results.

On top of that, trying to figure out how to combine MACD with Parabolic SAR, Fibonacci, etc. probably started to look like a lot more trouble than it was worth. Mostly you ended up even more confused than when you started. Even if they didn’t end up blowing their entire account in
the first week, most of those traders simply gave up through frustration from the sheer complexity of it all. Trading wasn’t simple at all - it was something reserved for real masters of the game! But change came quickly ...

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