Binary options broker list

Binary options broker list below. Please write a quick review on those brokers that you have used. Whether your experience has been good or bad.

Brainyforex does not recommend binary options trading for the following reasons;

1. Conflict of interest issue. All binary options broker firms? (or the vast majority?) make profits from clients losses. Hence, if the company loses money when it's traders are winning are they going to support and be happy with these successful traders? These successful traders are a drain, a problem, a expense, a liability etc to the company.

2. Way too many bad reviews posted on legit review sites like ForexPeaceArmy. Don't believe self proclaimed review sites that do not allow public reviews to be posted as they try and sell you the binary options broker for a commission.

3. Maths in brokers favor. Profit 85% from each winning trade and lose 100% on each losing trade? NB : Some brokers offer larger winning percentages and also offer refund on losing trades.

4. Most brokers Unregulated. Or in a bad regulation regime country.

Binary Options Broker List

Bloombex Options Broker

Bloombex. Reviews

24Option Broker

24Option. Reviews

Banc De Binary Options Broker

Banc De Binary. Reviews

Optionbit Binary Broker

OptionBit. Reviews

Optionfair Binary Broker

OptionFair. Reviews

Zone Options Broker

Zone Options. Reviews

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Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page... is a scam Not rated yet This BA broker is a scam. I had deposited $600 with them and traded a few trades which brought my account to $605. I wanted to withdraw …

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The History of Binary Options

"The theory behind binary options : To provide a fixed return on how the market price for an asset acts over a certain time frame".

This brief history of binary options has been provided courtesy of 24Option. Over the past three years as the global economy has faltered, investors have sought to find a way that would allow them to profit from their market knowledge while minimizing their risk. Binary option platforms, like 24option, were created to provide investors a secure and profitable avenue to invest in a variety of assets while minimizing their exposure in the tumultuous global markets.

While the proliferation of binary has occurred rapidly over the past few years, the idea of binary options has been around since the creation of the stock market. Yet it has only been in the recent years where the technology has made the creation of binary options a secure and profitable industry.

The theory behind binary options is simple: provide a fixed return on how the market price for an asset acts over a certain time frame. With technological advances over the past decade have finally made creating the mechanism to accurately receive market data and track existing options effective and instantaneous. 

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