Optionsmagnat.com is a scam

by Stephen
(United States)


This BA broker is a scam. I had deposited $600 with them and traded a few trades which brought my account to $605. I wanted to withdraw my $600 and they kept cancelling my withdrawal request. I called them and they kept telling me all I have to do is submit a withdrawal request which I did multiple times.

Finally one day a confirmed withdrawal showed up which I did not submit. I waited their typical 5-7 business days and then 10 and then 15. Nothing ever showed up in my account. So I called them to ask about the withdrawal and where my funds were. The fist call and every subsequent call after that for 10 calls resulted in a disconnect once I mentioned I was asking about my withdrawal.

I decided to go through their sales department instead of customer service. I got someone who at least didn't hang up on me. When I told her that the previous 10 calls resulted in hang ups she admitted they are having an issue with Customer Service not wanting to work with customers.

I told her about my withdrawal request and wanted to know where the funds are. She told me that according to their system I was refunded and I would have to prove to them that I wasn't. I said you're kidding me. I said your accounting department can't tell me to what account they made a deposit and to whom? She said that I would have to send in all my bank and credit card statements from the date of the deposit to that day to prove to them that I did not get my deposit.

I was not about to send these scammers my bank information or my credit card statements. They know they are stealing from me as the withdrawal they entered has no account associated with it. They are trying to steal my money. I issued a dispute with my credit card to get my money back.

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