Inertia Trader Forex Robot Creator Evan Goldstein Interview

[NB: Live account link no longer working at 7 November 2018]

Congratulations on creating such a fantastic automated trading
system and providing me with a copy for testing purposes. (See our test results on our IC Markets  demo account here.)

As seen on the left the independent third party reporting statistics verified through myfxbook as at 21 December 2016 Inertia Trader EA shows great statistics through their live account with FXChoice.

It's winning trades are almost double the size of it's losing trades with a accuracy of 52.5%. The average trade length about eight and a half hours.

As at 21st December 2016, the date of this interview Evan's EA had achieved an overall net profit of 505% over a 7 month period with a 22.1% drawdown. That's an average of 26.8% each month.

May I begin this interview by getting to know you a bit better and
then we can move onto some questions about the actual Inertia Trader

I notice from your website that your married with a child and I
assume you live somewhere in America as you struggled working
full-time in a good job with low pay? Now, with a change in your economic circumstances and money not being an issue for you are you planning to move to another more affluent part of USA or another country?

Evan : Yes, I was an assistant manager at a logistics company in
Chicago.  Horrible weather, horrible pay, horrible company.  I was
miserable.   Yes absolutely, I got out of there asap and moved

Brainyforex : What do you do in your leisure time? Do you have any
sports or hobbies you share with your family?

Evan :  In my free time, I usually like to hang out with friends and
go play Billiards or Golf.  I like relaxing activities that get me
outside - even swimming.

Brainyforex : Are you happy with solely Inertia Trader strategy? Or
are you trying to find improvements in the strategy? Are you also
trying to create additional, different types of trading strategies?
Ie More EA's?

Evan : I am happy with the strategy.  My true focus was to create a
strategy that didn't use high risk methods and had a low risk to
high reward.  This makes it a safer system and at some times needs
patience, but I'm happy with it's direction and long term viability.
I do test improvements for it and test other ideas, and those I
will make available to you and the public when complete.

Brainyforex : Looking at Inertia Trader's trading history I notice
that a trailing stop is used? Can you please tell us a bit more
about this?

Evan : Yes, it does use a trailing stop, but unlike other strategies
out there, it's not tight, it's a loose trailing stop.  It won't cut
out a trade after 15 pips, 20 pips, even 30 pips, it wants to strive
for a high reward vs risk balance before the trailing stop kicks in.
A system doesn't have a good risk to reward if the trailing stop
kicks in too early.

Brainyforex : Does Inertia Trader use "the same" price pattern /
candlestick pattern for each trade entry? Or does it use several
combinations of price pattern / candlestick pattern or does it not
take any of this into account?

Evan : It uses the same rules always.  There aren't a variety of
options, just one set of rules for entry and always followed for
strong volatile movements.

Brainyforex : I am assuming you have used a volume indicator for
Inertia Trader? Would you be happy to share with us which volume
indicator is used? Is it one of the standard metatrader volume
indicators or a custom built one? Don't expect you to go into
specific details as to how it's used of course :)

Evan : I find that volume indicators aren't always as reliable as
those for the stock market as in Forex.  So I try to depend more on
momentum indicators which have a similar result.

Brainyforex : What is the main drawback in market conditions to
Inertia Trader? Ie What can cause it problems or not to perform

Evan : I would say that the main draw back would be in a ranging
market that has minimal volatility and has a small jump that isn't
enough to breakout to far of the range resulting in a retrace.  This
can cause a bad trade, but it causes minimal loss in comparison to
what it wins when it wins.  So it's a price to play, because those
movements don't always fail and when they don't Inertia Trader
pounces and collects huge gains - sometimes up to 100% profit in a
short period.

Brainyforex : What main advise would you give to trading system
developers out there?

Evan :  I know it sounds like a broken record, but never give up,
keep trying.  Trial and error is key.  It should be a hobby and a
passion - never stop trying to improve.

Brainyforex : Thanks for your time in sharing with this interview
and I look forward to purchasing a personal copy for myself. If your interested in finding out more, go to Evan's website

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