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Jared Rybeck forex trader, creator of KeltnerPRO EAJared Rybeck forex trader, creator of KeltnerPRO EA

Jared is the creator of the highly successful automated trading system called KeltnerPRO that made 7,000 % net profit in less than two and a half years. He started with an initial deposit of $6,000 on the 3rd May 2014 and currently shows a balance of $415,163.70 at 10 June 2016 in his public verified account.

Hi Jared, thanks for taking the time to do this interview and my condolences on the tragic events surrounding your parents. And also, on the other hand, congratulations on creating KeltnerPRO EA.

Brainyforex : May I ask a little about your personal details … How old are you and can you tell us a bit about the town where you live? What do you like doing in your spare time? Do you participate in any sports or hobbies?

Sure! I'm 32. I live in US. I spend a lot of time thinking about trading, investing, etc. But I do love going to the movies and playing sports. I don't particularly play any specific sports, but get together with friends for some basketball every week. I'm pretty boring, but I do what I enjoy.

Brainyforex : Before you created KeltnerPRO EA, what was your job and what did you think of it?

I was doing assistant work at an office job. Really came down to doing paperwork and getting coffee, nothing glamorous and pay was horrible. It was horrible and I couldn't wait to quit.

Brainyforex : I notice from your website that you read and liked the book 'How to Make Money in Commodities by Chester Keltner'. Did you spend a lot of time going to trading seminars or studying other materials before this?

I've never been to a seminar, but what I did and still do is read books on trading. I also practice new strategies and always trying to better understand the charts. And lastly, I'm constantly searching the internet for ideas.

Brainyforex : What type of market conditions is best suited for KeltnerPRO to perform at its best? And what are the market conditions that KeltnerPRO does poorly in?

It works best on strong spikes. If no spikes, then it will trade less. Where it can go wrong are on certain whipsaws. But that's the risk of trading sometimes a strategy will have a bad day. Not all whipsaws will fail for it, but that can be a weakness at times.

Brainyforex : Looking back over the prior trading results I notice that in 2015, namely June, July, August & September these months had a string of poor results. At that time as you were watching this drawdown, did you get worried that there could have been a possibility that KeltnerPRO needed it's trading strategy changed?

There is always that concern that something needs to be changed or improved. I was constantly testing new settings on multiple platforms trying to see where it can be improved, but in the end I found that just waiting was the best solution.

Brainyforex : If you were to assist other new EA developers, what tips would you give them?

Persistence and testing. There's no magic bullet, you need to keep working and testing, sometimes it's a complete failure and you have to go back to the drawing board. But if you keep going eventually you figure it out. It's a puzzle.

Brainyforex : Have you got any other commercial EA's? Or any in the pipeline?

In matter of fact I do and I plan on releasing it soon. More details to come soon. But it's going to be big, and trade MANY pairs.

Brainyforex : Thanks again for the interview and look forward to talking with you again a bit down the track.

Thank you, you too, it was a pleasure!

Brainyforex notes;

Note : Brainyforex has tested this system. Read our review and others on the public reviews page here.

PS : Jared has just released (31 August 2016) his new automated trading system called CovertFX which trades 10 currency pairs including gold. Check it out at

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