Last month Funnel Trader made 10% profit with little relative drawdown

by Pete

Well I went ahead and purchased Funnel Trader and after an initial glitch, I now have it running on USD$2000, leverage 1:500 and default settings/risk.

The glitch was my fault but STILL it ended in profit. You know that feeling when an EA turns belly up and you can see your money draining very quickly? Not Funnel!

In the last month it has done 10% with little relative draw-down. There are some markets it does better in, but overall it seems to always end in profit, even if you have to wait a bit; some trades last several days.

I emailed support regarding Black Swans and Brexit and he claims that the EA weathered them OK. Brexit was June 2016 so I think this would be included in the demonstrated period on MyFXbook?

This is the best looking EA I have tested so far Fritz; but time will tell. My strategy will be to take profit on a monthly basis until I have covered my initial investment and then review further investment.

Would love to know your thoughts on this one.

Hi Pete
I have also just completed my review of this robot last week. You can read my review here

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