WD Gann was a strong advocate of market trends

Trend miner software that calculates market cycles

For those familiar with the legendary work of WD Gann, will recognize that he was a huge advocate of market cycles.

In fact he repeatedly said that "time" was the most important thing to consider for a trend change.

Lan Turner, from TradeMiner.com has now decided to release to the public his market cycle software which calculates this exact information.

While at the at the Trader's Expo showing off his software he drew quite a crowd. No surprise as his software identifies Cycles and Seasonals on Stocks, Forex Pairs and Futures Contracts in the most sophisticated way that most people had ever seen.

The software gives the exact entry and exit dates so there is no question on when to get in and out of a position.

It's interesting to note that large banks like to trade with this type of information.

Lan say's that he puts on trades 'only if' the market has already proven itself first, by being consistently profitable 90% of the time, over the past 15 years, during his trading time frame!

The idea is to combine this cycle information with one or two other indicators to create a low risk trading system.

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