Interview with Mathfxpro EA forex robot creators

Brainyforex notes that the developers are no longer showing their live trading account performance since March 2017. We don't know the reason for this?

As some may know, especially those whom work with or have the time to surf the internet, you come across some interesting things from time to time. Yesterday, 10 August 2016 I came across the results for a forex robot EA called Mathfxpro.

As seen from the independent third party results (shown on the left) through myfxbook I had to reach out for an interview to learn more about this forex robot that had achieved a average monthly return of 31.8%, 75% accuracy, 30% drawdown that trades 11 currency pairs and gold. With 9 months of verified trading results.

Not all things in life are as you think they should be or expect to be. I was a little put off by Mathfxpro website which has spelling mistakes and none of the creators of the EA's names. I thought it may have something to do that they are a " team of expert software programmers with a passion for trading " whom setup the website themselves and were not too fussed about their website?

Anyway, I though the independent third party results look legitimate enough and I would reach out for an interview and see what happens.

To my pleasant surprise the response for an interview with the answers to my questions came through promptly overnight with answers along the lines of what I thought might be the case with this EA.

I think a lot of savvy forex traders would appreciate a automated trading system with a track record like Mathfxpro so here is the interview below.

Also note at the bottom of the interview, brainyforex is providing a special discount for those interested in getting a copy.

Brainyforex : As your a team of programmers working together since 2002, can you please tell us a little more about your team members. How many are in the team and are you old friends or just work mates? Do you work from different parts of the world or all together in the same building?

Yes, we are 4 members, old friends which has been trading forex and programming. We are all living in an office and all of us are single that’s why we are living with each other.

Brainyforex : I notice from the trading statistics that MathfxPro trades on 11 currencies and gold. Most EA's on the market will not be able to trade so many currencies, so just curious to know (without giving up your secrets of course) how has your team managed to get it to trade so many?

This ea is Multi currency and it will open 7-8 trade at the same time and it will not set any SL or TP manually it will check all the currencies at the same time and will close all the trades with each other at the same time with a good profit. It's called a Multi Currency forex robot.

Brainyforex : Was it easy to make MathfxPro profitable from the start? I notice from the trading statements that it has been trading successfully since November 2015, with an impressive 31.8% monthly average profit. Or has there been many improvements to get the strategy to work well?

We are trying hard to make it more profitable and we will keep updating Mathfxpro as well. This is the main reason why our customers buy second and third licenses after they buy the first one. We are very happy to help the other clients they are making profit with us.

Brainyforex : What market conditions does MathfxPro profit best? Trending or sideways market?

Its nice question and its one of the advantage of the Mathfxpro, its Muti currency and as we know sometimes Eurusd is sideway trend and audjpy has strong trending, and if we focus on 1 currency we will see sometimes it will good trade and sometimes not, this is why we use multi currency ea for when Eurusd is sideway and audjpy is strong we will use a basket of trades when some of the are sideway and the others are strong we will close all the trades with profit, for example Eurusd -40 pips audjpy +80 pips eurjpy -60 and…… if you will see all trades will be in profit BTW.

Brainyforex : Can the user just select a few of the most profitable pairs to trade, instead of all eleven?

Yes, it will use a few trades and select the best currencies to check the best trades.

Brainyforex : Would you like to share any other information with our readers about what has made MathfxPro such a stable and profitable system? Many may be wondering if the EA can continue achieving around 30% monthly profits, with 75% accuracy and 30% drawdown?

I would like to say that this is our experience which can help us to give our experience with a nice feel to all traders who wants to make profit, in my email I will receive many emails to thank me about sharing the system for making profit for themselves, and they are happy with that, I am giving 100% warranty to one be one of your customers and I will give them sure if you are having balance between $1000 to $5000 all of you will receive my warranty you will get 5-20% profit monthly without any stress and risk, I already gave this warranty to all of my customers this is the main reason why they love our robot, hope your customers start to joining us and start to make money, in last sentence I want to make your clients and customers sure for making you sure I will give 60 DAYS money back warranty if it is within that 60 DAYS any of them are not happy with EA, just email me they will receive the refund ASAP. I don’t think so I can give you and your customers better and profitable situation for them.

Brainyforex : Thanks for the reassurance of that information and in participating in the interview. One of the main things I liked about the trading statistics when I was looking at Mathfxpro was the "Risk Of Ruin information" provided through myfxbook. I noticed that based on the past 9 months of results it is calculated that there is a less than 0.01% risk of losing 10% of the account, which would mean the system would have to have 28 consecutive losing trades in a row for that to happen! I think that is very special and a credit to your team in creating this EA.

For readers information, it should also be noted that all EA's will perform better or worse at different times depending on how the markets are moving at a particular period of time. The important thing is what is the net results added together equal. The good market conditions and the bad market conditions. If you buy an EA and start running it during a drawdown, you will need to exercise some patience and give it a chance to profit from the future good market conditions. (In other words don't cry during drawdowns which all systems experience from time to time).

SORRY : This system is no longer available for sale. Unknown reason?

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