Interview with Brian from Transparent Forex V1

He turned $3,000.00 into $3,608,803.74

Brian a professional forex trader started a trading account on 13 July 2018 with $3000.00 and today 9 March 2020 has a balance of $3,608,803.74. Although it's a demo account, it's still quit a remarkable achievement because Brian made 1,749 manual trades over the 20 month period, achieving profitable results every single month.

It should be noted that he does use this demo account to generate trading signals into real money trading accounts as you can read more about below.

Update : After 2 years of very successful trading performance (profitable each and every month) Brian lost 99.86% of the account balance during July 2020.

Update : Brian on 31 March 2020 started a real money account trading Gold. He calls it "Metal" through Signal Start. You can view his trading results on the link shown on the bottom of this interview. So far, in just two months he has turned $2,000 into $12,922.45 as at 5 June 2020.

Read more in our second interview with Brian here.

Brainyforex : Hi Brian, thanks for participating in this interview and may I start by congratulating you on your patience by manually trading this account for over a year and a half with over seventeen hundred trades to achieve 120,193.46% in profits. I have never personally heard of anyone doing that before.

Can you please tell us a bit about your history, what have you done for work in the past, where are you currently living? What are your other interests apart from the financial markets?

I live in the United States. In 1991 I began working for a U.S. airline as
a baggage handler. Over the years I developed skills there and became the manager of the primary shipping/receiving warehouse which held supplies and some aircraft parts for the airline. I met a couple of friends who were interested in investing like I was and that is where it all began. In 1995 I invested in mutual funds and stocks. After the tragic events of September 11,2001, the airline went out of business and my trading career began.

I hope to not sound too “into” forex, but I really enjoy the work and
challenges. On weekends I study developments that affect the open market. Forex is my full time job during the week and my hobby on the weekend!  My wife and I have been married for 27 years and we have three children; two
sons and a daughter.

Brainyforex : Most readers would be very keen to ask you how your trading method works on real money accounts?

I love this question because there can be an industry perception that
traders with real accounts care more than those with a demo. My background with the Transparent account is very different. I trade Transparent like it is real money because it is!  What I mean is that Transparent is linked to MyDigiTrade (over 1900 people) and Signal Start to earn both clients and myself monthly income.  For many years Signal Start allowed real and demo accounts but a few months ago stopped accepting demos because some people were using them like gambling in my opinion. They did not care if they won or lost but instead were trying to quickly get ranked high in order to gain many copy trading clients.

Today you cannot publicly look up demos on that site but “behind-the-scenes” trading providers are allowed to keep all past clients which is wonderful. In my situation, Transparent is exceedingly important to me for two reasons.  1) I use the copy trading profits to actually live.  I use the income for rent, food, and bills, so this is very serious business for me.  For me clients are real people with families – not statistics.  I care deeply about people and their success. If my account does well, they do well – this is important to me. 

As of today, I have zero losing months and a 90% win rate; this is a result of profound care for the account and other people.  2) My trading method for sale is exactly what I do each trading day – nothing is held back. I priced it low at $89 to make it affordable to everyone who desires to earn a nice income and am most grateful for all of the interest. Thank you very much!

Brainyforex : I also notice on the trading account that towards the end of 2019, there were some short periods of rather large drawdowns (69.5%) that occurred before recovering to profitability. Can you please explain this weakness in your trading method?

Certainly. Am I glad this happened? Yes and no. No, because traders
always want to get through trades without too much trouble. And yes,
because it was during these times that my trading method shined.

During these times we had a lot going on in the world. Brexit and the U.S./China trade negotiations were creating volatile situations. Then, the U.S. embassy in Iraq was attacked at the end of December. It was challenging and in the end, I am happy the authenticity of Transparent was allowed to be revealed.

I mentioned earlier the perception of real and demo accounts; those weeks at the end of 2019 showed the strength and true nature of my trading method. Transparent is a serious account providing serious results. Transparent has been through quite a few major events and continues to stand strong.

Brainyforex : Without giving away the secrets of your trading method, can you please provide us with a basic idea about how your strategy works? Do you use any common indicators like stochastics / macd? candlestick patterns / price action? or something else?

My trading method is all manual. I use a combination of overbought / oversold conditions along with news and economic forecasts.

Everything has to work together for an optimum trade entry. Simply because a pair is overbought or oversold does not mean I jump in on a trade. Multiple things must happen and then we trade.

Brainyforex: What is your opinion on using stop losses and take profit targets?

Stop losses and take profit targets are great and generally recommended, so I support this. Trading Method: Transparent Forex V1 actually does not require S/L or T/P because there is a full trading plan in place before we ever open a trade. If trades win quickly, fantastic. When trades go against us for awhile, a plan is ready to be used.

Brainyforex : I notice that about one third of all trades have been in gold and the remainder about 18 of the major and minor fx crosses and silver. Why do you prefer to mainly trade gold and these other currencies you have selected?

I trade gold often because I like the XAU/USD pair a lot. I study the relationship between the pair itself, the Japanese Yen, and 10 year U.S. bond yields.  Very often they work together, offering clues for nice trades.

Brainyforex : What are your goals for the future?

To remain a good husband and father, a good and caring citizen, and work every month to think about my clients as real people with families.  I want to continually grow in these areas and try my best.

Brainyforex : I am also aware you are sharing your exact trading method for a small fee through a 16 page PDF document on your website (now closed). Can you please tell us more about why you think we should buy it? What type of trader would specifically benefit from it?

Update 5 June 2020 : Sorry Brian is no longer offering his ebook for sale.

Thank you so very much for this interview and opportunity to express my thoughts to potential buyers. Trading Method: Transparent Forex V1 is honest, verifiable on MyFxBook, and has opened the door for you all to earn nice profits. I believe it should be purchased because even if you are a super conservative trader only hoping for a small percentage of what Transparent has earned, the $89 fee will be paid for in one trade for a lot of people and only a few trades for others. Truly, it is not hard to learn. I estimate the learning curve to be a few weeks at most. Due to the results of zero losing months and a 90% win rate, traders at any level can realize profits. There is no long term experience required. Basic knowledge of trading and the MT4 is needed of course, but that is all. The PDF document teaches the exact process for traders.

Brainyforex : Thank you so much for sharing your insights with us and please keep us updated from time to time with your achievements.

Readers can keen an eye on Brian's trading success through

Link no longer available.

(NB: After 2 years of successful trading performance Brian lost 99.86% of the account balance during July 2020).


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Brian on 31 March 2020 started a real money account. Link no longer available

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