ZuluTrade Review for period 14 September to 14 October 2011

ZuluTrades performance with our chosen signal providers for the 30 days ended 14 October 2011, performed poorly.

This time the following five providers were selected with the following results;

Best Trader - 940 pips loss*
Sharper Trade + 544 pips profit
Forex Techno [Eurusd_Lt] + 194 pips profit
Jiming - 109 pips loss*
High Profit Factor - 130 pips loss

Net pips the 30 days - 441 pips (loss)

*There were also outstanding positions by Best Trader - 1201 pips loss and Jiming had -109 pips worth of open positions.

5 signal trader results tested at ZuluTrade

For the 30 days ended 16 September 2011, ZuluTrade performed as shown below. Only four signal providers were chosen;

Best Trader + 938 pips profit
Sharper Trade - 1572 pips loss
Forex Techno [Eurusd_Lt] + 328 pips profit
Jiming + 214 pips profit

Net pips the 30 days - 92 pips (loss)

The prior 30 days before was a lot better;
Best Trader + 1168 pips profit
Sharper Trade + 730 pips profit
Forex Techno [Eurusd_Lt] + 365 pips profit
High Profit Factor + 265 pips profit.

Total profit + 2528 pips (18 July to 18 August 2011)

View prior months results here.

Please tell us about your ZuluTrade review results on the public review page here.

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