ZuluTrade Testing
We try different things to test performance

ZuluTrade is a very interesting concept for signal providers. It's interesting because even the top rated systems get bad reviews from users. How can that be when for example the number one rated system manages $14,893,760.53 of REAL LIVE money accounts, with 6106 followers using the signal service. [As at 18 August 2011].

Zulutrade shows statistics for each of their hundreds of signal providers. Taking a look at it's number one provider we see that in the last twelve months that three of those months were unprofitable. This gives us a clue as to one reason why there are some bad reviews for this number one signal provider.

As shown by successful users of ZuluTrade the ideal situation is to select a number of signal providers and hence that should theoretically result in consistent profits each and every month. Right? Well, in theory that should be the case if we select our combination of signal providers wisely.

That is what this page is all about. Brainyforex is going to explore and review different combinations of signal providers to see what happens and try and learn all the in's and out's of using ZuluTrade.

During June I opened a demo account tested two systems by the same signal provider. They were Forex Techno (Eurusd_LT) and Forex Techno (System_A). The result was that the Eurusd_LT made a little money while System_A lost some money. The net result was no change in the account.

The next month I selected four signal providers; Best Trader, Sharper Trade, Forex Techno [Eurusd_Lt] and High Profit Factor. For the period 18 July 2011 to 18 August 2011 with a demo account the results were a lot better than the previous month. The results were as follows;

Best Trader + 1168 pips profit
Sharper Trade + 730 pips profit
Forex Techno [Eurusd_Lt] + 365 pips profit
High Profit Factor + 265 pips profit.

The next months results [to Mid September 2011]were not that good. Check them out here.

The following months results [to Mid October 2011] were not good either. Check them out here.

The following months results [to Mid November 2011] were not good either. Check them out here.

The following months results [to Mid December 2011] were good with the selection of only one signal provider. Check the results here.

The following months results [to Mid January 2012] was a loss of 16 pips, having selected only one signal provider for our demo account, "Forex Cruise Control". See here.

Results for signal provider "Forex Cruise Control" [21 days to 3 February 2012] was a profit of 234 pips. Check out the settings we used when testing here.

Results for signal provider "Forex Cruise Control" for February 2012 was a profit of 217 pips. Read more here.

Results for signal provider "Forex Cruise Control" for March 2012 was a profit of 299 pips. For the first time we also tested "20Pip Winers" with a negative - 436 pip loss. Read more here.

Please tell us about your results on the public review page here.

Zulutrade statement showing 4 signal providers profits

Note that demo accounts at ZuluTrade expire after 30 days. If you want to keep a track of the results make sure that you export the results into a excel or openoffice spreadsheet. Users are also allowed to maintain up to 10 demo accounts each month.

Also, note that money management principles can be changed within accounts so that more or less can be traded per each signal provider.

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