Zulutrade review results for March 2012
Forex Cruise Control

Our testing results for March 2012 for ZuluTrade using the signal provider Forex Cruise Control have resulted in + 299 pips profit.

Forex Cruise Control continues to provide good consistency through our demo account.

Zulutrade statement showing Forex Cruise Control signal provider results

ZuluTrade's Forex Cruise Control results for March 2012 resulted in 299 pips profit.

Testing signal provider 20Pip Winers
Resulted in negative -436 pips

For March 2012 we also tested the ZuluTrade signal provider called 20Pip Winers. The results in previous months looked good but when we joined you know the usual story with most signal providers - they failed.

The results for 20Pip Winers for March was negative - 436 pips. It melted our demo account from $1,000 to $82.

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