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Would you like to learn forex trading? Brainyforex can guide you in the right direction. Learning to trade forex successfully is a very challenging endeavor. The forex markets can be extremely fast moving at times. They can trend well for a long period of time. They can also oscillate sideways up and down, not moving anywhere at times too. This is where the challenge comes in. You have to trade accordingly. Are you prepared to trade a trending market? Are you prepared to trade a sideways market? Can you cope with the change from a trending market to a sideways market? Or the change from a sideways market to a trending market?

This change in market conditions seems to be one of the main problems for most novice traders. They learn how to trade either one market condition or the other. They are unprepared when the change in market conditions take place. Novice traders can do well when conditions are agreeable to their one method of trading. With large leverage available in the forex markets some beginner traders even win trading competitions. The thing though is that they cannot consistently win or produce good results month after month. Why not? Because they cannot cope with a change in market conditions. They will eventually blow up their trading accounts because they do not use appropriate stop loss levels or correct money management. Lets consider an example;

Jason Star just won a trading competition with 300 % increase on his account in one month. He used overbought and oversold indicators as his primary trading system. When price had moved extremely far, in one way or the other he simply took a position in the opposite direction. For the whole month of July, his method worked. It was like he had found the holy grail. Price was in a sideways trading range. His method worked well.

Jason Star was ecstatic that he had done so well for the month of July. He now tries to repeat his performance for the following month. His first trade for the month of August seems to be setting up well, price shoots upwards. He has never seen the price level move so far so fast. His indicators show “overbought to the max”. Wow thinks Jason, I will hurry and place a short order in the opposite direction because price has to retrace from this extreme overbought level. Jason, places the trade without a stop loss. The next day price is still moving north. Next day again it moves up, even further. The third day, price stops. Great says Jason, about time price reverses! The fourth day Jason is nervous as he is sitting on a huge loss. Price still does not retrace. The fifth day, price still moves up against Jason's position. Jason had never anticipated such a situation. Jason says he is now stuck in this trade because if he closes the position he would realize a huge loss. Unfortunately, this one bad trade against Jason wipes out any chances of showing good performance results for the whole year as price only stalls until it continues its upward climb higher.

The situation with Jason Star is a typical story with novice traders whom have not come to understand the complete trading process. Typically they only want to learn forex trading after they have unsuccessfully tried to beat the market without knowledge.

The story ends on a good note for Jason Star. Jason was trading with a demo practice account. So he only lost his ego not his hard earned money. Jason's ego was so bruised by the experience that he decided to put in some hard work and study to learn forex trading properly, he studied trading systems, money management and trading psychology. Jason polished up his old trading system with his new knowledge, he created a profitable low risk trading system that he enjoys trading stress free.

You too are welcome to put in some hard study and learn forex trading properly.

Lets get started with these topics

  • First, get to know some of the risks in buying and selling currencies through a Australian Government website called MoneySmart. read here.  Unlike the case study of John, new forex traders should start buying and selling currencies at the smallest possible level of 0.01 lots first to test if they can prove successful before moving onto larger amounts.
  • Learn the basics in a free online trading course, quizzes and glossary offered by babypips.com. learn here. There is tons of good information through that site.
  • Researcher finds key to a good trading method is "low risk trading idea's" read more.
  • Where to find good free trading strategies. read more.
  • Using average daily range to take profits read more.
  • How to trade forex using natural square numbers. read more.
  • Good free forex trading courses. read more.
  • Thoughts on forex education. read more.
  • Forex tips. read more.
  • You need to know this about money management. read more.
  • Should you use a tight stop loss? or wide one? or no stop loss at all? read more.
  • The weakest element in trading is psychology. read more.
  • The best forex trading hours. read more.
  • Master the art of Japanese candlesticks. read more.
  • Make sure you have a reputable forex broker who is on your side. read reviews.
  • Understand how important "forward testing" is when it comes to backtesting and optimizing your automated trading system Learn more.
  • Understand how forex robot scammers work. read more.
  • How technical analysis can help. read more.

Information is continually added to brainyforex.com to help fx traders learn forex trading safely.

Why do most people struggle to learn to trade forex?

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