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Gold buyers delight. Bullish gold move shown on monthly chart

The above gold price is shown on the monthly chart. Since the year 2000 it surely has been a gold buyers delight. The price of gold has risen from $250 in the year 2000 to $1916 in 2011, representing a 760% bullish move.

Where will price move to from here? Today, 29 June 2012 price is showing $1,569.51 and currently holding above the monthly swing low level of $1,510.00, which is also a natural square support level.

Should price break under the $1,510.00 level we should see more downside bearish price action. If price can stay above the $1,510.00 level and move above the prior month high then we should see prices continue to move upwards.

It's also anticipated that according to WD Gann's master time factor that the 60 year cycle should push gold prices higher from this point forward. The cycle forecast shows that there is a high probability that a retest of the $1,900.00 level may take place about October 2012.

We will have to watch how the swing levels eventuate from this point forward. Especially will the daily swings be of great help showing which direction the precious metal will move.

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