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The live chart below provides up-to-date real time price data for world currencies, stocks and indices. (NB : Chart below may take a minute or two to load).

Tips on how to read charts go to the forex tips section.

You will learn basic, yet very powerful techniques that professional traders use instinctively on a daily basis.

If your looking for a second opinion on the direction of a particular market, get a current free report on the market outlook page here.

The idea with forex trading is to identify the start of a trend and stay with that trend until it shows signs of reversing. Many successful traders use swing trade methods to achieve this.

Read more about WD Gann swing trade method.

WD Gann's methods of reading charts were many and varied. Many of todays successful traders have adopted some of his techniques. Read more about WD Gann.

Learning how to read forex currency charts can be likened to learning another language. It may seem difficult to begin with but with time and effort becomes easier and easier. Finally, all the pieces come together and make sense.

Need longer term forex charts?

Try some other websites with long term charts;

More sites will be added with time.

If you know of any sites with good "long term" free forex charts, please let us know so we can add them here. Contact us here.

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