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Scroll down this page to see the brainyforex list of successfully tested EA systems and those currently being tested. All aspects of the robots are taken into account including quality of the software and vendor support in addition to the robustness of the trading strategy and final profitability.

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Information about running these robots can be read here.

Brainyforex Tip About Robot Selection

Why limit your choice of automatic forex trading systems to only 1? Instead, consider acquiring several different ones to trade for you on different brokerage accounts. This way you should profit in all types of market conditions and your risk will be reduced by operating through different brokerage firms.

[Notice from trading results shown below how some robots trade more frequently than others depending on market conditions and different results are also achieved with different brokers.]

Broker Selection

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Systems shown below are the survivors and the NEW! Only consistently profitable systems remain on this page. A "well done" goes out to these developers that show that forex robots can indeed succeed!

Read About "The Details" Of All Tested systems. This Is What Has Been Our Personal Experience With Different Systems. Go here.

Build Your Own

If you would like to build your own Automated Trading System brainyforex recommends these EA builders and programming services on this page here.

How RISKY is the robots strategy?
A great way to understand how risky a robots strategy is by checking out the RISK tab in the MT4i reporting page. If your new to this and not sure, get an understanding how it works by reading more here.
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Watch short 1 minute video about the traits discovered that all successful forex robots have.

Tested systems results here - what we discovered during testing - over 30 EA systems - Find here.

Current testing & profitable EA robots shown below;

Funnel Trader EA by Lance Hunter

Funnel Trader EA by Lance Hunter

Tested from 15 August 2018 to 18 October 2018.

Default settings used

Public reviews here.

Read brainyforex review in the public reviews section above.

[NB : This EA is the best we have ever tested]

IC Markets demo account

Fluid Trader EA

Fluid Trader EA by Lance Hunter

Medium risk settings used. M5 AUD/USD & USD/CHF

Testing commenced 26 Sept 2017 and finished 22 March 2018. Read our review in the public reviews section here.

Interview here.

Public reviews here.

Note : FluidTrader has failed on the developers live accounts during 2018.

IC Markets demo account
NB : Creators have now developed a pro version with extra currencies and risk settings.

Old tested robots have been moved to this page here.

The MT4 Forex Weekend Gap EA

MT4 Forex Weekend Gap EA by Expert4x.

Testing started 11 September 2015 and finished 30 May 2016 with demo account. This EA trades weekend gaps. Results through shown here.

Public Reviews.

Go to public reviews to read brainyforex's full review.

Website :

[NB: Brainyforex turned EA off during xmas break 17 Dec until 8 Jan 2016]

Login details - ThinkForex (Demo) 44002023 Investor pw = zo4bbhw

Scalp Trader Pro EA

Scalp Trader Pro by Doug Price

Brainyforex testing commenced 1 December 2015 using REAL money account.

EUR/USD H1 default settings except MaxDD% 20.0%. (Default 50%).

Results through shown here.

Reviews here.

[NB: Removed from testing 1 February 2016 - Read brainyforex review]

NOTICE : SCALP TRADER PRO has been removed from testing as at 1 February 2016 because during testing the metatrader terminal came up with a message saying the account was trying to reconnect to ScalpTraderPro is marketed as a EA from Doug Price but shows some connection with William Morrison (FXPhantom)? In the past brainyforex has tested fxphantom with poor results. Read review on this page here. If you type in into your browser, you will be redirected to another of Doug Prices EA's called VortexTraderPro. If you are still interested in monitoring future results of ScalpTraderPRO, then please refer to the vendors results as they do match those achieved by us using our live account.

Results for this system as tested by us [turned off during 17 Dec to 8 January due to xmas break] has produced $5.30 profit (38.7 pips) on $100 live account for 2 months from 1 December 2015 to 1 February 2016. Being 4 trades with 100% accuracy.

Login details - IC Markets 604748 (real) Investor pw = sueh45

Old tested robots have been moved to this page here.

Keltnerpro ea channel trader

KeltnerPRO by Jared Rybeck

ThinkForex demo account same as real account. EUR/USD 15min, GBP/USD 5min, AUD/USD 5min & USD/CHF 5min.

Default settings used.

Testing has now finished for this system. Read full review on the review page below.

28 January 2015 - 2nd test started for V2 with extra safety features. Results here.

Old results here.  (includes the 15 January 2015 USD/CHF price hike).

Public Independent Reviews.

Website :

NB: Essential to use a true ECN broker with low spreads. Recommend IC Markets.

Read interview with Jared here.

Talk to Jared at his new forum

Note : KeltnerPro V1 was doing well until the Swiss National Bank's shock announcement on the 15 January 2015. That's why Version 2 is now placed on new test account. Read more about the SNB announcement / price shock here.

New Version 2 (28 Jan 2015) Post USD/CHF price shock

Login details - ThinkForex 18771 Investor pw = none provided by Thinkforex
Old Version Pre USD/CHF price shock

Login details - ThinkForex 11380819 Investor pw = d4yguuw

RevTraderPro EA

RevTraderPro EA by Doug Price

Brainyforex has now finished testing this system. Read full review on this page here.

Results through shown here.

Public Independent Reviews.

Website :

Login details - ThinkForex 11392383 Investor pw = jq7wqgn
Doug Price

8 February 2016

MaxScalper released, a high frequency fully automated system which trades volatility & standard deviation channels incorporating a anti-martingale money management method (opens extra trades on winning positions).

More information visit MaxScalper.

Check verified results via (NB : These results have now been removed and are unavailable - please contact vendor about this)

23 November 2015

Doug releases a price pattern scalper that trades a specific pull back pattern with high accuracy. Programmed to adjust parameters according to changing market conditions. Since 24 March 2015, completed 102 Trades with 832 pips profit. To date 100% accuracy, 33.5% monthly, 9.25% drawdown. It's called ScalpTraderPRO.

[NB : See above - tested by brainyforex]

22 September 2015

Doug releases his personal trading assistant called Swing Trader PRO. Software that provides possible trading opportunities [Audio alerts & chart arrows] along with recommended take profit and stop loss settings.

This strategy has been averaging a net profit of 83.13% monthly since 30 January 2015. 87% accuracy winning 392 trades / 450 with 21.7% drawdown. Trades 27 currency pairs.

Review page here.

Old tested robots have been moved to this page here.

Forex Kinetics EA

Forex Kinetics by Alexander Collins [scalper system]

Account #1 Broker ICMarkets Demo account same as real account. Recommended default presets used with 15 charts. Results through shown here.

Account #2 loaded with bonus presets using 3 charts. Results shown here.

Public Independent Reviews.

Website :

Login details account #1 - ICMarkets 805934 Investor pw = m6gdlee

Login details account #2 - ICMarkets 805978 Investor pw = vrby7fl

FX Capitalist EA

FX Capitalist by James O'Reilly

Broker FinFX demo account. Results through shown here.

EUR/USD H1 timeframe
Default Risk setting

Public Independent Reviews.

Website :

Login details - FinFX 152080 Investor pw = w7mjwdd

Old tested robots have been moved to this page here.

EA Shark EA

EA Shark 7 by Alexander Collins


Broker ICMarkets Demo account. Results through shown here.

Note : Changed risk setting on 14 November 2012
Now 0.02 risk per trade instead of default 0.005.

NB : As this is a scalper strategy that makes trades based on "SECONDS" the results will not correspond to a real money account because of slippage / order fills in real market environment different from demo account.

Public Independent Reviews.

Website :

Login details - ICMarkets 2089012822 Investor pw = rvz1qld

Million Dollar Pips EA

Million Dollar Pips EA by William Morrison [scalper system]

Short term scalper with 5 pip stop loss. EUR/USD 1 minute.

Gain owner insights and news updates here.

Tested on Synergyfx (Aust) ECN account from 16 December 2011.

Brainyforex has previously done two brief tests through Read about our the test results so far here.

Third account test through "Thinkforex account".

Public Independent Reviews.

Official website :

Old tested robots have been moved to this page here.

Forex Growth Bot EA

Forex Growth Bot EA by Eugene Lipinsky

Basic version tested. Breakout strategy. EUR/USD 15 minute.

Public Independent Reviews.

(also includes brainyforex testing review)

Official website :

Read About "The Details" Of All Tested systems. This Is What Has Been Our Personal Experience With Different Systems. Go here.

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