Currency Converter Tool

Currency converter tool will help you convert money from one currency to another, calculated with the latest foreign exchange rates.

Find the latest exchange rates in your destination country or convert prices before you shop abroad.

Currency Converter by, The Currency Site

FXConverter is a multilingual converter for over 164 currencies and 3 metals. It uses daily OANDA Rates®, the touchstone foreign exchange rates used by corporations, tax authorities, auditing firms, and financial institutions. These filtered rates are based on information supplied by leading market data contributors.

The Oanda converter is the Web's most popular and free converter. You can also customize it to your own preference in minutes.

Default World Forex Market Times Desktop Tool (free)

This free software lets you find out what forex session is currently in progress. It's from the forexfactory forum.

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Default World Forex Market Times Desktop Tool (free) Hi, I wrote this world market time tool a while ago and find it very useful. It works perfectly in my timezone (Mountain). Please download it and let me know if it works in your timezone. let me know below. (don't forget to mention your timezone)

I wrote it because I could not find a decent world clock for Forex, free or paid .....get it here.

USA Residents Running Multiple EA's

These days, particularly in the united states, it's literally impossible to run multiple EAs. (EVEN if they're NFA compliant)

Everyone knows it's important to have a diverse collection of EA's running to really maximize profits, however you'll get stop messages about hedging or that you're breaking some rule or the other.

You can't even run multiple manual strategies without losing track of where you are and what's going on. Which system is performing the best?

What's profiting? What's losing? What's happening?

Andrea's One4All tool has sorted out all these problems. What basically happens is that you run each manual system or EA in its own non-NFA demo account along with the client side of One4All. Then, you have the server version of One4All on a live NFA compliant account. The server then communicates with each of the clients to identify an aggregate net long/short position for each currency pair and then maintains that net position for you!

Essentially you're let loose from the shackles of the NFA! You can go back to trading multiple EAs and strategies like you did before, and it's legal!

The fact that the positions are aggregated rather than being placed individually also saves you money! If you have 1 buy and 1 sell order open, you will potentially be charged swap interest on one or both positions, depending on the currency pair of course. With the aggregate position however, you're flat, so there is no swap charged at all!

ALSO the aggregate position means that you will have fewer trades open so you won't be charged as much in terms of spreads because there will often be a smaller net position open!

The One4All tool is available on

Free Live Forex Charts

Access free live forex charts.

World Clock

Move mouse over desired country for current time.

AWST:Australia Western Time (GMT + 08:00)

Click here to enlarge clock in new window

OR use this time converter here.

Lets you convert one time zone into another.

Expert Advisor (Automated Robot) Builder for MetaTrader 4

Not enough time to learn MQL4 programming language to build your own forex trading robot? A fast alternative is to use this FREE 'Expert Advisor Builder'... Easy way to build your expert advisor.

For more information about building your own automated forex trading robot visit Information about Metatrader software and building your own system.

Other FREE strategy builders worth trying;

New to Metatrader 5

MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform now includes a special tool called the MQL5 Wizard. This allows traders to quickly generate the code of an Expert Advisor that can be traded on the MT5 platform. Knowledge of programming languages is no longer a necessity for creating trading robots. The application will do all the necessary work to create your Expert Advisors. Just follow the tutorial on the website here.

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