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Learn to trade forex with
natural square numbers

The chart below shows another example how to learn to trade forex successfully paying attention to natural square numbers. For those unfamiliar with natural square numbers read more here.

The above chart shows the GBP/USD 3hr chart. By paying attention to the natural square level of 1.5700 we can 'sell short' the British Pound AFTER the double top OR AFTER the triple top has formed. (Or any lower top) We know there is a high probability that price will fall from this point. But where can we place our profit target to close our short position?

To find a good profit target we should look for a natural square level that is above a prior low. In the chart above we notice that this level is at 1.5550.

Or we could exit the position in any of these different ways;

1. We could wait for a double bottom to form before exiting the position. Or

2. We could wait for a swing high to be broken. Or

3. We could wait for price to close above the 7 period exponential moving average. Or

4. We could wait for price to close above the 7 period exponential moving average based on the 1 hour chart. Or

5. Follow with a trailing stop loss above the prior bar high.(In this case it will be above the prior 3 hr period as the example is shown on the 3 hour chart. Or

6. Follow with a trailing stop loss above the prior hour high. Or

7. Follow with a trailing stop loss above the prior 15 minute high. A example of how this work is shown here.

Which exit strategy works best out of those listed above?

This will depend if you are manually day trading or have programed your forex robot EA (expert advisor) to trade for you automatically.

The different exit strategies will also produce different results depending on what the market is doing. Is the market trending or is the market moving sideways?

I have not compared all the exits to see which one produces the best results in different market conditions. This is a project I will do in the future.

What I can say is that all the exit strategies work as I have manually day traded them all with success.

For another example on learn to trade forex using natural square numbers take a look here.

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